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Building structures are designed to prevent the spread of fire by containing it through specifically designed compartments as stated within a building fire strategy. This is vital in preventing/delaying building collapse, and providing sufficient time for both habitants to escape, and the fire services to enter and attend to the fire. 
A building fire strategy can only perform if the original design requirement was correctly achieved in the first place, and only if it is properly maintained afterwards. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the Building Owners/Responsible Person are responsible for the maintenance of fire compartmentation systems within the building, and this should form part of the fire risk assessment. 
Breaches in fire compartmentation could have occurred during the initial construction of the building and afterwards following a change of use or alterations, both need checking. 
At GRJ Surveying, we provide that peace of mind and to maintain building compliance we can offer a service to attend site on a routine basis to survey passive fire protection to both fire walls and floors, completing any necessary firestopping works found following additional service installations or modifications. In addition to a routine building health check, we also offer a one stop package solution for owners or managers of existing buildings, with limited fire management information. This solution provides the customer with a fire strategy, fire risk assessment and a detailed compartmentation survey. 
Our surveying services also extend to on-site visits during the actual construction phase of a scheme, where we can utilise the skillset of our SHEQ team and undertake quality inspections of intumescent coatings to structural steelwork. 
We are UKAS accredited fire protection specialists with over a hundred years combined experience in the construction industry. Our business operates nationwide in a variety sectors including, education, commercial, health care, residential, MOD & MOJ. With expertise in fire protection through the installation of passive fire protection materials and systems, to create fire containment protecting life safety. 
We have a dedicated team of QA professionals who work hard with our operations team to ensure everything we produce is of the highest quality from survey reports through to installation records. 


Most importantly, containing fire as part of a building fire strategy plan allows time for occupants to evacuate safely and fire crews to enter and extinguish a fire before it develops. Intumescent coating systems protect building structures from collapse. Fire Compartmentation saves lives. 


Ensuring that the passive fire protection systems have been installed and certified to a compliant standard by a third-party accredited company is a requirement for a certificate of conformity. It is a legal requirement that the building owner or manager has a compliant system in place, and it is the legal obligation of the installer to ensure that fire protection systems are installed to a compliant standard. 


A certificate of conformity confirming compliance as part of a fire risk assessment can only be a positive factor in reducing insurance premiums and in some situations will be a requirement for insurance cover. Fire compartmentation is proven to protect buildings from total loss in the event of a fire. 


A certificate of conformity can be provided by a third-party accredited company upon approval of a compliant fire protection system, it is a legal requirement that an up-to-date certificate be obtained to confirm that the building compartmentation systems have been installed and intumescent coatings have been applied to compliant specifications. Certificates are underwritten by a third-party accredited body obtained by the fire protection contractor. 


It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom that passive fire protection systems are installed and certified compliant on commercial and residential buildings occupied by third parties. It is the legal responsibility of the building owner and management to ensure that the fire compartmentation systems are implemented by a third-party accredited company and it is the legal responsibility of the third-party accredited company to ensure that systems are correctly installed to manufacturers specifications. 

Compliant compartmentation and intumescent systems work and save lives. 



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