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Instilling Confidence in Clients 

Our reputation is established and we get repeat business from our long-standing clients who know that they get the best service on the market and have confidence that we install and document our work to the highest standards. 

Leaders in Quality & Safety 

Our quality assurance processes are industry leading. We have our own staff that operate as independent quality and health and safety inspectors to ensure quality and safety is a top priority. 

An Accredited Contractor 

Established in 2007, we are accredited with IFC, ASFP, ISO 9001, working throughout the UK as passive fire protection specialists. We are UKAS accredited and our dedicated team are QA professionals. 

Passive Fire Protection Surveys 

Passive fire protection surveys are all-encompassing inspections of your whole passive fire protection system. They are key to ensuring your structural fire protection is sufficient enough and is legally compliant with the latest regulations. 
If your passive fire protection is not up to date, you are not only risking the safety of your visitors, employees or occupants, but also put yourself at risk of receiving a fine or criminal charges should a fire occur. 
Our passive fire protection surveys ensure that every single aspect of fire protection in your building is working as intended including fire doors, cavity barriers, structural steel protection and more. Our team has a great deal of experience carrying out passive fire protection surveys on buildings in all the commercial, public and residential sectors 
Here at GRJ Surveying our dedicated surveying specialists can help find the issue and check your compliance. If you have had a survey and are aware of the issue in need of repair, protection or maintenance then visit GRJ Contracting, where our contracting specialists can assist you. 

Passive Fire Protection Companies 

As one of the UK’s leading passive fire protection companies, here at GRJ, we are determined to protect buildings and their occupants from the destructive effects of fire. 
When carrying out a passive fire protection survey our consultants take great care to analyse the state of the current fire stopping measures at the property to find any weaknesses. Following your survey, you will be provided with a comprehensive report that outlines all our findings and includes recommendations should any remedial work be required. 
Passive fire protection has to be inspected at least once a year to ensure you’re following the latest legislations and your building is completely safe. All of our contractors are experienced and accredited under third-party accreditation schemes including CHAS, UKAS, ISO 9001 and more, so you can rest assured that they’ll provide you with accurate and trustworthy information.. 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Passive fire protection includes any fire stopping methods and devices within a building that don’t need activation. Examples of those include fire doors, intumescent paint coatings, fire walls, cavity fire barriers and more. 
Passive fire protection, often referred to as PFP, is a combination of components or systems within a building or structure that intends to limit the spread of fire and smoke. This is done through the use of fire-rated walls, doors or gap-filling materials 
Active fire protection measures aim to detect and stop a fire, while the purpose of passive protection measures is to prevent the spread of fire and contain it to a single area. 
A passive fire protection survey is an onsite inspection of all crucial aspects of your passive fire protection building including fire compartments, fire doors and service penetrations. Essentially, anything in your building that aims to control the spread of fire. 

Our expert guides on Passive Fire Protection Surveying 

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Most importantly, containing fire as part of a building fire strategy plan allows time for occupants to evacuate safely and fire crews to enter and extinguish a fire before it develops. Intumescent coating systems protect building structures from collapse. Fire Compartmentation saves lives. 


Ensuring that the passive fire protection systems have been installed and certified to a compliant standard by a third-party accredited company is a requirement for a certificate of conformity. It is a legal requirement that the building owner or manager has a compliant system in place, and it is the legal obligation of the installer to ensure that fire protection systems are installed to a compliant standard. 


A certificate of conformity can be provided by a third-party accredited company upon approval of a compliant fire protection system, it is a legal requirement that an up-to-date certificate be obtained to confirm that the building compartmentation systems have been installed and intumescent coatings have been applied to compliant specifications. Certificates are underwritten by a third-party accredited body obtained by the fire protection contractor. 


A certificate of conformity confirming compliance as part of a fire risk assessment can only be a positive factor in reducing insurance premiums and in some situations will be a requirement for insurance cover. Fire compartmentation is proven to protect buildings from total loss in the event of a fire. 


For commercial and residential buildings occupied by third parties in the United Kingdom it is a legal requirement to have your passive fire protection system certified. The responsibility for this falls on the building owner or management. You must ensure that your fire compartmentation system is implemented by a third-party accredited company to manufacturers specifications. 
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At GRJ Surveying, we provide that peace of mind and to maintain building compliance we can offer a service to attend site on a routine basis to survey passive fire protection to both fire walls and floors, completing any necessary firestopping works found following additional service installations or modifications. Our business operates nationwide in a variety of sectors including, education, commercial, health care, residential, MOD & MOJ. With expertise in fire protection through the installation of passive fire protection materials and systems, to create fire containment protecting life safety. 
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